iPad Laminated Display Sizing

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These measurements were taken with the opposite side of the LCD on these models facing forward. Example seen on the right.

The depth measures the LCD offset to the glass, and the glass+LCD thickness measures the combined thickness of both on the left side of the iPad (This is because on some models such as Air 2 and Pro 12.9 have a raised edge on the right side of the LCD).

The orientation in which measurements are taken.

Measurements for Laminated Displays
iPad Air 2nd Gen iPad Mini 4th Gen iPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen iPad Pro 9.7" 1st Gen iPad Pro 10.5" iPad Pro 12.9" 2nd Gen iPad Pro 11" iPad Pro 12.9" 3rd Gen iPad Air 3rd Gen iPad Mini 5th Gen iPad Pro 11" 4th Gen iPad Pro 12.9" 4th Gen iPad Air 4th Gen
Glass Thickness 0.6mm 0.5mm 0.5mm 0.5mm
Glass+LCD Thickness 2.7mm 2.6mm 2.4mm 2.6mm
Camera Side Depth 15.8mm/17mm 16.3mm 14.5mm 16.8mm
Home Button Side Depth 13mn 13.2mm 10.3mm 13.4mm
Left Offset Depth 3.8mm 1.9mm 2mm 5.8mm
Right Offset Depth 3.4mm 1.9mm 1.9mm 4.4mm