He’s says as he belly chuckles autistically. He hasn’t left his mothers spare room all day but he’s hoping this is it, this is his moment. He eagerly awaits a reply as his heart starts to race and he starts to sweat profusely whilst shoving cheesy salted snacks down his fat shit smelling throat. Unable to contain his excitement his tiny clit dick goes rock solid “I’ve just made fun of a handicapped little girl there’s no way they can’t reply” he sniggers in anticipation. Then boom they reply, it’s happened, they’ve taken the bait, his days work his goal accomplished. He ejaculates all over his bed clothes but he doesn’t care because him mom will clean them. “Sigh that was awesome..” He catches his breath and the reality starts to kick in. He gazes in the mirror consumed by overwhelming depression in the realisation of what a fat lonely loser he is. Time to troll some more.