You’re sitting in your room, so bored… so alone… Next thing you know the door opens and a loli walks in she is so cute and angelic it takes your breath away, who is she? she looks directly at you with with her blue eyes, an expression of carnal need spreads across her face. she quietly shuts and locks the door behind her then whispers under her breath “ive been waiting for this all day” she takes of her white cotton panties then starts to walk towards you, you have no idea whats going on, your so hard it hurts, when she reaches you she gently sits down on you, the feeling of her soft hot skin sends waves of warmth and joy through you, you don’t understand who she is or why this is happening but you don’t care your drowning in pure bliss, next thing you know she starts violently releasing torrents of putrid stinking shit, your joy instantly turns to horror you try to move to be sick to scream out to do anything but you can’t move and thats when you remember……. you are a toilet.