iPhone Locking Policies

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US Carriers

Postpaid Device Unlock Policy

AT&T Phones must be active for 60 days and paid off *1, *2, *3

Verizon Phones must have been active for sixty days. Automatically unlocked.

Sprint Phones must have been active for fifty days and paid off. *4

T-Mobile Phones must have been active for fourty days and paid off

US Cellular phones are not locked at anytime

Prepaid Device Unlock Policy

Cricket *2 and AT&T Prepaid *1 devices are six consecutive months of service.

Boost mobile and Virgin Mobile *4 are twelve consecutive months of service.

Verizon phones will be unlock eligible after the minimum amount of money spent on service. This amount is located on the packaging of the device.

T-Mobile Prepaid and Metro by T-Mobile after six months of service

All Tracfone brand require 12 months of active service, but there is inter portability without unlock on some if not all Tracfone brands

*1 All AT&T post and prepaid devices will work without unlocking as long as the backbone of the MVNO uses AT&T.

*2 Cricket devices cannot be used on another service until unlocked

*3 AT&T doesn’t blacklist devices for non payment unless the account is less then 90 days old.

*4 Sprint devices cannot be used on another account, Sprint owned prepaid brands, or Sprint MVNOs until they are paid off, device unlock status does not apply. Note that Sprint does this Through the FED. The FED does not always automatically clear once a device is paid off.