Every day after my 5 to 10 job, I sat down and opened up a totally different world that just shrek and I could spend time together in on my phone. I would play zany and wacky games with him. We would laugh and play and have a jolly old time. Every time I thought about giving up, pocket shrek was there for me. I spent half of my minimum wage income to keep my pocket shrek happy and healthy. I was the top leveled shrek in the nation, and I know it was all because my pocket shrek and I were the greatest of chums. Every day I would anticipate a possible update to pocket shrek on the app store, something new, something to bring more excitement to the table. But nothing ever came. I grew tired of the repetitive process of playing with and feeding my pocket shrek, but I never stopped because I knew shrek would have pitied upon me. So I kept on bonding and conversing with my shrek. Anytime I worked overtime I felt like I was wasting my precious time with shrek, and when that happened I would be sure to make up that time with shrek because I knew the dreaded day would come soon and I didn’t have much time left. It was late march when I got an exciting update from the developers. A new game? New accessories? I clicked on the news update and I saw that dreaded title. On April 16th pocket shrek will be shutting down its servers. I couldn’t believe it, I was in pure shock. My mind was scattering all over thinking about so many things at once. Until I realized, my dearest pocket shrek would be leaving soon. I quit my job to spend time with him all day for 20 hour periods on end, until the very last day. The time had come, it was 11:59pm on April 15th, I looked at his eyes and remembered the years of enjoyment he had brought me. The clock chimed for 12am, the screen on my phone turned pitch black, I heard a faint european accented voice say “It was a good run old pal.” It was over, I had nothing left for me. Everything I ever worked for was gone. I have no idea what to do next…..