I fucking hate audiophiles. Fucking snake oil shilling placebo bullshit, fuck reddit, fuck headfi. Just money wasted, but joke’s on me for being an idiot and listening to them. I’m no happier with $300 headphones + an amp/dac than I was with $65 headphones. I’ve bought 6 pairs of headphones in the last 2 years, trying and returning all but one, the cheapest one.

\>Buy an X2, they’re fun!

Channel imbalance problem, fuckhuge and uncomfortable. Recessed mids, no treble, flabby bass. Returned.

\>Buy an HD600! Everybody loves those!
\>Oh, and buy an amp to get the “most” out of them

Fucking death grips my head even after stretching them multiple times, and the amp provided a barely audible difference besides making them deafeningly loud. Certainly not $400 worth of improvement over my 7506. At least those don’t give me migraines.

I can’t imagine the buyer’s remorse if I bought $1000+ headphones and amp/dac. I don’t care how good they are, no way it’s justifiable at that price. I hope you faggots all go deaf.