Dear dull,

This e-mail is intended for our inactive users of We have already advised our active members.

It is with great regret that we need to inform you that there has been a security breach of our database. It is a strange case as it happened just before 2018 almost three years ago. How we discovered this is when we were installing our new design Forum a week ago. I discovered an exploit with the dbkiss.php that didn’t belong and then more files as I was searching deeper. I’ve learned that even if we were to clean up the files that look like exploit files, we’ll never really know whether the Forum will be clean again. So it is very important for you to change your passwords as soon as you can manage from wherever you used the same password including the forum itself.

By way of a compromise, we immediately deleted all of the Post4VPS Giveaway Requests with personal information in it. We have also disabled the Forum for further registrations.

The Forum as it is now will close with the effect of 1st of August. VPS Holders will have until the 1st of August to empty their VPSs.

For more info, please visit the forum.

Kind Regards,
Post4VPS Staff