Hello, I’m Male (51) and I am currently Bronze 2 in Valorant. My best rank in the game was bronze 3 and I’m very proud of myself for achieving that. As the title says my wife of 28 years left me because I am addicted to Valorant. I managed to spend 2,7k euros on it (which is more then our 2nd car by the way).

My wife (53) F, has been a beautiful wife to me for the past 27 years, but everything changed around a year ago when I started to play Valorant for more then 6 hours a day. She knew I had a gaming habit, but never thought it could get as bad as mine. When I say I’m addicted I really mean it. It is like a drug for me and just the amount of dopamine I receive when I play it, unless there is a toxic player in my match which would make me angry and scream. The gun skin I bought that started it all was a skin for a Vandal. It started this addiction to buying skins and it became so bad I sometimes used our savings money to buy them. I started to play the game competitively around a year ago, also the time when I was spending 6 hours a day playing. My wife wanted to help me get out of this, she suggested that I should stop playing so much and spend my time with her (which I regret not doing), I ignored her suggestions and just kept spending my money and time. I work as a construction worker and I work 8 hours a day. When I come home I usually just hop on the game for around 3 hours, then I eat dinner and go back to the game until I am too tired to play and repeat that everyday. On the weekends I just play the game non-stop.

So back to my wife, she started getting mad since I was ignoring her and her suggestions. She released that some of our savings money is missing about a week ago and came to me asking why and where did I spent it, probably knowing that I spent it on video games I just said that I don’t wanna talk about it. That was the point where she just got fed up with me and said she wants a divorce. She is currently in contact with a divorce lawyer and I don’t know what to do.

I released that Valorant is ruining my life. I’m addicted to a video game and my wife is leaving me. I am currently sitting in a Valorant lobby at 3 am alone, writing this story.