Religious nuts do not have logic, they have gods, like you have gods.

You can not prove your theory of a high pressure next to a low pressure zone in nature. Because the radiometer proves that it is retarded to think that way.

You pretend a god of gravity will save your retarded ass and pretend your space god is real, and pretend your sun god Helios in the ball worlds of the heliocentric solar system, so you can play with your gods balls and pretend your space god is real.

Prove a high pressure zone can exist by a low pressure, and that the second law of thermodynamics kick in, and if you remove the vacuum, from the radiometer and break the glass, it quits working, because the pressure equalizes, and no more vacuum. But you will pretend fall is an action, so you can play with the other balls of this sun god, and you think cavendish is not a toy, and you see 4 balls and 2 rods when you imginate (showing sever signs of seeing things that are not there.) they are the 2 dicks of your sun god, and 4 planets, or in greek, lights in the fucking sky, that the light in your house, makes your house a ball, because you can only see the bottom of a light bulb.