ohhh it would be so hot imagine you grab me with both hands at my waist with a firm grip to make sure I can’t go anywhere…. I notice how tight you grab me and I say please be gen- before I could even finish my sentence you ram it completely into me without warning…. I groan out loud as I tear my eyes wide open in shock and pain…. i beg for mercy and look into your eyes as my eyes water and tears run down my cheeks…. but you just grin and seem to enjoy seeing me like this while you take one hand away from my waist and put it around my throat choking me while you speed up… I try to push you away from me but you don’t move an inch with one hand I try to push your hand around my throat away and with the other hand I try to hide my flushed face…just showing my tongue hanging wide out of my mouth… my mind slowly goes blank and i start to enjoy it as you grab my throat tighter and tighter makes it impossible for me to breath weanymore but before I pass out, you suddenly let go and take your hand of my throat and put it back to my waist and grab it really tight with both hands… fucking me as hard as you can, so that my belly bulges clearly visible…. I don’t care anymore, I start to beg you to break me, to make me yours…. I moan louder and louder as you thrust harder and harder, i now using both hands to cover my bright red face …. as you give me on last thrust putting it as deep in my ass as you could, shooting load after load into my tight ass making my belly visibly expand from you cum … I moaned really loud for one last time i couldn’t hold my hands up to cover my face anymore revealing my rolled back eyes and my tongue hanging out of my mouth before I cum from your rough treatment causing me to cum all over my own face as i pass out from the overwhelming pleasure and lay there motionless while your cock was still inside me, filled with your cum…. My eyes rolled back, tears running down my cheeks as my tongue hung out of my mouth covered in a mixture of saliva and my own cum…..