My grandmother gifted me a Simba from Lion King stuffed animal when I turned 5yo, which was about my size at that age. I loved Simba and slept with him every night. We had so many great memories together as the years passed. When I turned 12, my budding sexuality had begun to take over, and I began getting urges to stick my cock everywhere. My parents are religious and hadn’t had “the talk” with me so I didn’t understand masturbating. Then one fateful night, I was lying in bed with Simba when he suddenly started looking appetizing. You see, Simba had a flap on his head that allowed a hand into his mouth to make him talk. Although this time I did not stick my hand into Simba’s mouth, rather elected to skull fuck him. I remember that night like it was yesterday. I stuck my hairless prick in and began to thrust, after ten pumps I felt a weird sensation. I stopped because I didn’t know what was happening. But Simba didn’t want me to stop. He gave me the courage of a lion. I grabbed his mane and let him have it. Furiously pounding his face until I blew my first load straight in Simba’s tight kisser. I freaked and ran to the bathroom because I thought I broke my pp. I didn’t. I had unlocked a new perk. My romantic encounters with Simba became more frequent as I got older, and we made more great memories as our relationship deepened. Then one day it all came crashing down. I was laying the pipe to Simba’s mouth while watching a Lion documentary on Natural geographic. My mom barges through the door without knocking. I freeze, balls deep with both of my hands wrapped in Simba’s mane. She screams, grabs me, and locks me in the bathroom. She didn’t let me out for two hours. When she did Simba was gone. I asked what the hell she did and she said he’s gone for good and I’m getting sent to private school. I told her I’d never forgive her and I still mean it. His loss devastated me for years and I’ve never forgotten about our nights together. You deserved better Simba.