So I walk up to this bitch (apparently right after she got divorced) and say “what’s up Karen you wanna go for a jog this afternoon haha” and she’s like “please just leave me alone” and I’m like “whatever bitch” and then like an hour later get called into our HR person’s office and they’re like “you gotta stop harassing Karen she’s going through a lot right now, she’s just signed her divorce papers” And I’m like “hah who’d married that skank, someone with a wheelchair fetish?” And my HR person (Hank) was well like “come on man, they’ve been married for 16 years. They’ve been having trouble since her accident last year. She thinks he blames her for getting into the accident that killed their kids” and I’m all like lol So I leave and I’m hungry so I go to grab my lunch (turkey and provolone) only to see, lo and behold, that dumb bitch Karen set her bag of lunch RIGHT in front of mine!! so I write out a note saying how glad I am to be working with her but if she puts her lunch in front of mine again I swear to fuck I will finish the job that God couldn’t So I go through the rest of my day joking around with Karen every time I see her even though she is I giant cunt about it (my favorite was ‘accidently’ dropping a pair of scissors on her colostomy bag lol) and I have to ignore the picture of that fucking rat whenever I walk by her desk So I finish my day asking for her ex husband’s number since I need a new wingman to look for some babes with and she fucking flips it and when she’s yelling at me I’m all like “maybe if you don’t want to get divorced you shouldn’t have gotten hit by a drink driver you ever think of that bitch” and then she rolled away aggressively So that was my Thursday