I was transferred into Honors Geometry a day ago, and already I could feel my peers gazing lasers into my back. Could they tell that I don’t watch Rick and Morty? No… couldn’t be. I was on the same level as the rest of them. They wouldn’t be able to know already… One of them slams their sweaty palms on my desk. His Rick and Morty hat covers up his greasy black mop that he called hair, he smelled of potato chips and soda. “Wubba lubba dub dub?!” He yells at me. I’m scared, I can’t respond. They’ve got me, they know I’m the odd one out here. The Rick and Morty fans are going to devour my flesh, right here in my 4th hour Honors Geometry class. The teacher, a nice old lady, turns to see a mob of them crowding around me. She smiles, and mutters “It’s time to get schwifty.” All at once, they attack me, and tear at my flesh with their teeth. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, all the greats. They knew my secret, and now I was paying for it. By offering myself up to our lord and savior, Pickle Rick.