Basic iPhone LB Troubleshooting

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  1. Visual Inspection
    • Check for any missing sticker or shield then follow next steps
  2. Connect DCPS
    • Draw max current? If draw max current you have VCC MAIN line shorted.
    • Draw some current? So you have probably a cap leaking some current. Check for any liquid damage
    • No current draw? Follow next steps
  3. Press Power Button for 1 second
    • Check for current next you pressed the power button. It should be something around 60-90mah
    • High current? Check for any ugly cap around NAND or VDD_BOOST caps
  4. Tristar test
    • Check voltage on battery fpc without battery connect just with charger connected. This should jump around the charger voltage while it is looking for battery. If it goes below 3v like 0.6v flat you have a bad tristar.