Me and my girlfriend, Thom, have been together for a little longer than a month. I live in a very rural area and she lives in a city so it’s pretty hard for us to to meet. We settled on not meeting that often and we got it done, but we hadn’t gotten “busy” yet, that is, until today. My gf -bf???!- has very short trimmed hair and is very flat chested, but I never thought anything about it -I really like the tomboy style-. I myself am always perfectly shaved and I should admit that I have a wicked case of the man boobs. ugh here it starts getting interesting.

We were on my sofa, and things started heating up (finally, right?), so I started taking off her top, when I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Okay, I thought, I know she’s very flat chested, and I’m okay with that, she’s also my gf and we’ve been together for way too long so it makes sense that she’d want to dress a bit more skimpy for tonight. I took off her shirt, and I slipped a hand down her pants.

The next five seconds were a mixture of shock, terror, and a hard dick on my hand. Me screaming, very gentlemanly, him (jesus f christ) falling from the sofa -I might or might not have pushed him-, me running out of the room and back inside way more times than I should’ve and him finally noticing the bulge in my pants and going nuts as well.

Things took more than a minute to finally start settling down. When they did, we just sat there, as far away from each other as possible, in opposite corners of the room, and looking at each other. My heart was pounding super fast, and when I tried to speak I thought I’d puke or faint or something worse. He was the first one to speak and ask me if I’m a guy. I guess my expression said it all cause he whispered something that seemed like a confirmation that he is too. I semi-moaned for him to go and he took off from the balcony door (I guess the normal door was way too far for him to run to.)

And so here I am, thinking about the fact that I will somehow miss a girl that wasn’t even a girl, and Thomas’ dick, and what the fuck has happened. I honestly can’t even process it yet. Thanks for listening to yet another crazy story, reddit. I hope you’re fine.

Edit: woke up to a single message from him: “what now.” I have no idea what we are going to do, I don’t even know how to feel about him HER him, about us, or our future, if there is one. But for what it’s worth, thanks for the laughs. You guys, your comments, each and every one of them is a masterpiece, even the weird homophobic ones-I mean how is it gay if you don’t know you’re doing it. And even if it’s gay what’s wrong with that.- I laughed myself to sleep last night.