It really isn’t difficult, and I judge anyone that doesn’t hold the same opinion as me harshly. This is already in the databook, and was confirmed canon by Kishimoto already. Like, if you don’t understand this you are a sociopath. Go home. **It is not my job to educate you on shonen video game battle mechanics, liberals. Listen, it comes down to this:**

**Benjamin Sharpie is a spell caster. His range attacks are greater than Eliot Musker. Fire, water, and lightning techniques probably don’t do major damage. Not enough to get a down on Ellie, mind you.** Maybe chip damage, but that is repeating to the third degree, and we already know that, so it doesn’t matter. Bentler has mastered the blade, and has most of his stats in that sub-group despite being a caster. **He can infuse his blade with ALL ELEMENTALS since the time skip.**

There is not NO WEAPONS even in this scenario, as Benie soul bonded with his katana in season 2. **At close range if Ben is bloodlusted (WHICH HE ALWAYS IS, CANON) then he has a 73% win odds in my books, his favor.** Etsy Muskrat on the other hand is an outright brawler. His cyber tech upgrades are neither here nor there, and not relevant. Honestly, his training arcs are cringe af and you know that. **Bensin is bloodlusted, but Eel Musker may be high and that reduces splash damage by 50%. Beeehehehlksdflks is always bloodlusted, there is no other state. Facts & logics.**

Let me remind you this is not a final destination situation, this is what is most likely to happen if they were to clash. **Simply put, MAYBE Eeeeeeeee mmmmmmm at full potential matched with bbbbbbb sssssss would go in his favor.** However, Little B (not the kids show voiced by the sexual predatory, Benjie’s street name) has the odds in his favor in most outcomes. Elemental damage, katana buff familar, Jewish, bloodlusted, facts & logics buff. Ecstasy Mall cannot match the damage output, and he isn’t even a tank. It’s a bad matchup for him (glass cannons). Sorry libs, deal with it.

**This really isn’t even a conversation if we are being honest here.**