Hitler was a solar anus an unrelenting beam of radiance showering vital excrement onto your very being and yea all beings on this earth after his shining. Truly Hyperborean: the men who live farther north than north where 30 days of night is followed by 30 days of unending shit covering every surface reflected off of the very feathers on the ground and flowing around keeping the centaurs on the steppe followed by 30 more days of night\^1. where does the shining putrid scum diarrhea of hitlers puckered solar anus shine not? Plato knew when he drew socrates in his cave safe from the blinding light of the beautiful scum shit pouring out of the anus and basking all life in septic vegetarian sewage. but any seasoned mycologist knows the liquid sludgeshine of hitlers pulsing puckered solar anus is ample compost for the mushrooms of the future pulling the vitamins from the fetid hyperborean skank shit and turning them into dmt for the burning bush so we can see again the rings with a million eyes screeching like a symphony of retards “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people!” but how can we answer with every orifice overflowing with the endless flowing pool of the stinking mushroom feces that blast from the all-shining solar anus of hitler’s corpse?

1- truly manic depressive in the realm of napoleon and alexander volleying back and forth between the plug of the smelly smelly solar anus and the unplugged abyss of kneechee ever-lucid and untouched by the pussing fissured solar anus of adolf hitler blasting vitamin-rich solar shit all over the surface of the known world and creating monsters with 9 angles and inverted penises unbirthing the zombie of apollonius of tyana in the dreams of aurelian world conqueror, worshipper of the sun(sol\[elagabalus\]) the tranny god and giver of all life squirting bloody green puss shit vitamin D from the hole where hitler’s prolapsed solar anus was but finally plugged with the rise of a new sun roman and masterful, stern but fair, rigid but unafraid to create new values!