I officially declare myself a boob man. I’m now all about the boobs because being a butt man is just a gateway to homosexual activity. I say no to the backhole. I’ve never done- I’ve never done anal sex in my life; I swear. I’ve never done it. A couple girls have gently inquired if I wanted to I said, “no way.” I know what comes out of that hole (that back hole) because I have a back hole too. It’s gross. There’s doodoo there. What, did you use a plunger or whatever (a scrubber) to get all the fecal matter there? You didn’t do that. So, why am I going to put my 🅱️enis in there? I’m not stupid. I shower everyday. I’m clean. Why would I put my 🅱️enis in a butt? *scoff* That’s crazy. Well, if I was watching anal sex porn all day maybe I would do it, but I don’t.