I was driving to pick my kids up from preschool and saw a boy sitting on the side of the road(167th and wolf). I could tell he was in distress. Thank God it was a red light. As the light turned green I rolled my window down and asked if he was ok. He said “I don’t know where I am.” THAT TERRIFIED ME. As the light was changing I told him to come over to me. He walked to the passenger side and was very hesitant to get in…AS HE SHOULD BE! I told him I was a mom and showed him the car seats and told him I was on my way to pick up my kids. He got in. He said at this point he was desperate and would get in with anyone. THAT TERRIFIED ME. Turns out he is from Homer Glen(all the way by 143rd and Bell) his mom had dropped him off at a friend’s house and he got out while she pulled away. IT WAS THE WRONG HOUSE AND THAT TERRIFIED ME. His mom just left without making sure he got into a house that he had never been to. He was to embarrassed to call his mom back because he said he didn’t want to get in trouble. So…he just started walking. He ended up walking to Orland Park after about an hour. Meanwhile, instead of calling anyone and admitting shame, he snap chatted his friends where he was asking how to get home. NONE OF HIS FRIENDS CALLED TO ASK IF HE WAS OK AND THAT TERRIFIED ME. He is 16 as of last week, a junior, and had NO idea where he was. He walked for an hour and sat down in defeat for 30 mins after his phone died. IN THIS HEAT. He had no idea which way to go since his phone was dead and didn’t know his cardinal directions. Blame the parents, blame the schools, I don’t care…but this poor boy was lost and alone and I could see he was fighting tears. With the modern technology that we have…gps…he had no idea how to find home. I took him home. And I told him they only thing I want him to down is learn streets, direction, and no to be afraid to call someone because this could be ended up very differently. Maybe he would have gotten picked up by that stranger danger, maybe he would’ve gotten completely dehydrated and passed out somewhere and heaven forbid. I am not trying to get any praise or “good job” from anyone. If anything…PARENTS….THIS TERRIFIES ME. We grew up knowing our way without a MAP. We grew up with pagers…no gps…PLEASE TEACH YOUR KIDS. This ended well…today…but we have no idea how tomorrow will end.