Guys omg I just found out that HITLER yes that’s right that ADOLF HITLER didn’t think drinking dirty water was good for you! I am literally crying and shaking right now because the US GOVERNMENT ALSO THINKS THAT!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THEIR STANCE ON PUBLIC WATER STANDARDS OMG!!! WE ARE LITERALLY LIVING THROUGH THE 1ST AMERICAN REICH!!!

Anyone who blindly follows these nazi policies are at best nazi symetjisers and at worst (and most likely) full blow nazi supporters! Please if you value our children and the future of the United States of America do not drink government water! It is EVIL NAZI WATER! Remember this to help

If the water ain’t brown don’t drink it down!

Only states such as Texas and Pensylvannia are fighting back against the Nazi dogma and not cleaning their water! Please move to these states if you value your family’s safety or just your own! This truly is Biden’s America folks. A \~Nazi\~ America.