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Internet Recovery Mode

This covers the start up mode using the Option + Command + R or the Shift + Option + Command + R keys.

Note: Internet Recovery Mode takes longer to boot - this is normal.

Note: It is advised to be wired to Ethernet for this mode.

Note: Internet Recovery only works if the Macbook has OS X 10.12.4 or later installed

Things you can do in Internet Recovery Mode:

  • Restore from Time Machine back up
  • Reinstall macOS
  • Go to Apple Support help online
  • Use Disk Utility to partition, repair, erase, format drives
  • Add or remove an EFI password (must know password if removing)
  • Troubleshoot network connection
  • Open Terminal from Recovery Partition (reset user password, disable/enable SIP, change date, etc.)
  • Select a different startup disk
  • See the Installer Log

If you cannot startup in Recovery Mode by this startup combination, the current version of OSX may be too old, the internet connection may be faulty/insufficient, or the keyboard may be faulty. Try a wired keyboard, built-in Recovery, a different startup disk, or bootable installer.