In order to understand king crimson you need to not think of the phrase “time erase” as the actual removal of time

King crimson’s sub ability is to see 10 seconds into the future with epitaph

Next king crimson uses his primary ability called “time erase” however king crimson does not actually erase time instead everyone plays out the actions foreseen in epitaph and they cannot change their actions once king crimson activates “time erase”. However king crimson nor Diavolo cannot interact with others during the 10 seconds of “erased time” it is simply used to reposition.

The only person who remembers these 10 seconds of “time erase” is Diavolo, everyone else forgets the events within the “time erase”, creating the illusion of erased time once the ability is over.

NOTE: Epitaph does not have to be activated before time erase, time erase can be done without activating epitaph