I’m a guy and playing RRT. I learn girls get different starter choices, get the lovable innocent looking pink cat Skitty. I think this will be a difficult run. Come to find out this little pink colored thot is so mother fucking broken. Fury Swipes, like all multi hit moves in early PMD games, is busted. Attract makes all enemies including the bosses my tier 3 simps on my onlyfans. Sing puts my foes to sleep which I use to slay my foes in slumber and take their shit. Shock Wave, the weirdest most unnecessary move out of the foursome, because the first three are overpowered. You get four moves so why the fuck not? I would travel the world, infatuating bosses with my cute looks and put them to sleep. I would go on to slaughter every boss and bathe in the blood of my foes, drinking tears of salt when I beat them so harshly. That pussy Rayquaza couldn’t even dream to be in my league. He was my top simp anyways while I wiped the floor with him and survived a fucking Hyper Beam with no damage.
Morale of the story ladies and ladies with dicks: Never doubt the adorable pink kitty that chases its own tail, she can and will wipe you from existance if you piss her off. Come pay tribute to her on Onlyfans where she posts tease photos but not outright porn because she has standards and loves money