I’m an IB student. If you’re not familiar with the term, that stands for International Baccalaureate. I take the hardest high school curriculum in the planet in order to attain the IB Diploma and stand out from my lesser peers who do AP. IB classes are very difficult, involving a lot more work outside the classroom than normal, honors, or even AP level, classes. Only very intelligent students are able to thrive in an IB environment, and I’ve taken several IB classes. In fact, I take a lot of IB Classes. IB classes involve an IB test that tests your knowledge of the course in order to prove you deserve the IB Diploma. A 7 is the highest score, and usually a 4 or 5 would translate to satisfactory understanding of the germane topics of a course. I have taken many IB past papers and scored 7’s on almost all of them. IB papers are very hard but I am very good at taking them. You have to be very smart in order to get a 7 in an IB course. I’ve gotten quite a few 7’s. The Extended Essay and TOK components of IB simulate the college experience better than other mundane curriculums can. The IB Diploma is a great way to get ahead in college while you’re still in high school, and it can help with college admissions because you can prove to the college that you’re smart enough to already be taking the hardest high school curriculum, also known as the International Baccalaureate, abbreviated as IB Diploma.