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Trusted Retailers

Board Components: (USA) (Canada) (USA) (Canada) (USA) (Canada)

Parts & Complete Logic Boards: (USA) (China) (China) (Canada)

Parts & Compatability

GPU/MCP Capacitor:

  • A1286 2009-2010 A1297 2009-2010 2TPE330MADGB <-- This is the exact capacitor, however I recommend the larger Polymer Cap below. I'll leave this up for discussion.
  • Replace with EEF-LX0D331R(These are non-tantalum and have 3 pads instead of 2 so you don't have to scrape into the board)

Backlight drivers:

Backlight Fuses:


Temp monitoring sensor

PP3V3_G3H/PP3V42 Buck Converter:

PP3V3 & 5V Buck Converter

Trackad IPD Flex Connector:

  • A1466/A1465 2013-2017: TF13BS-20S-0.4SH Source: US China

V Sync Flex Cable:

Battery ISL:

  • A1706 A1707 A1708: ISL9239 (Custom chip)
  • MBP 2010-2015 MBA 2010-2017 U7000 U7100 ISL6259


USB C Port Controller

2011 A1286 A1297 dosdude1 DeMUX Tools:

EMI shielding tape (need to verify which is closest to OEM):

Display connectors:

  • 2012+ 30 pin I-PEX 20525-030E-01S (must contact to order)
  • USB C I-PEX (need more definition here) NOVASTACK35-HDP (not sure if plug or receptacle)

Keyboard FPC Cable Connector:

Keyboard Backlight Connector

  • A1502 and a variety of other boards see here Verified on 820-3476 (J4915) MPN - WP7A-S010VA1-R6000 Note this is a 10 position socket.


  • General MacBook stencil kit (please notice there are five pieces) from AliExpress

I/O to Logic Board Connector

820-00840 Q3100 FDPC 4044

Hirose Connectors (iPhone/JTag-Like)

Generally smaller connectors could be found quite easy if you google following pattern, just change pin count for your case: PIN COUNT AND connector AND FPC AND (iPhone | iPad)

A2159 MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar Two USB C BN 820-01598

  • Hirose 34 pin connector, both touhbar/controller sides could be found as "iphone X fpc LCD connector" on aliexpress

    touchbarcontrollerboard, prob. LED