there were once three little fresh spawns in a group. They traveled together but all played much differently. when they came to a radio tower the first one said: “I’m going to rekt sum scrubs!!!!!” the second one said: “imma horde all ze looots” but the third one said: “ill play it safe and only take risks i know i have a chance of winning”
and so the first one found a MK48 and camped (like a lil bitch!!!) the second one didnt fight but picked up everything even when he didnt need it at all. The third one hung back with a modest enfield and built a formidable base atop the radio tower.
and then a hacker arrived, and approached the first freshie and said: “get rekt fag, its not that kind of story” and shot him. then when he happened upon the second freshie he said “gimme your shit bitch” the freshie gave him the finger and thus was also shot. \
but the third one, seeing that this guy was spawning drums like mad said “fuck that noise” and wired the base with mines, but concealed them with planks, just low enough that itll still trigger them. he then logged with all his stuff and the hacker blew up.
there isnt really a moral to this story other than dont be stupid, and i have enough faith in humanity to believe that this community is only about 60% AIDS, so yeah…

Taken from r/apocalypserising