MacBook USB-C LCD Backlight Flex Compatibility

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Pair (Left and Right)

MacBook Air 13" A1932 A2179 A2337

Left PN: 821-01317-A

Right PN: 821-01318-A

MacBook Pro 13" A1706 A1708 A1989 A2251 A2289

Left PN: 821-00602-03

Right PN: 821-00603-03

Left PN: 821-01228-A

Right PN: 821-01229-A

MacBook Pro 15" A1707 A1990

Left PN: 821-01270-01

Right PN: 821-01271-01

MacBook Pro 16'' A2141

Left PN: 821-02251

Right PN: 821-02252