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Welcome to Logi.Wiki

This site is dedicated to sharing known good information about logic board repair. Please post only information that is proven. If you find anything incorrect please edit or leave notes so it can be corrected. Feel free to contribute, this is a group effort. You can use the “discussion” or talk pages to discuss changes to the current info or ask questions.



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21 March 2023

     16:35  (User creation log) [Fenix1304‎; Bruno‎]
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20 March 2023

19 March 2023

     18:58  iMac HDD Thermal Sensor Bypass‎‎ 2 changes history +255 [Inwerp‎ (2×)]
18:58 (cur | prev) +403 Inwerp talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
18:53 (cur | prev) -148 Inwerp talk contribs Undo revision 6792 by ResqDogz (talk) Tag: Undo

17 March 2023

 m   16:55  iMac HDD Thermal Sensor Bypass diffhist +148 ResqDogz talk contribs →‎Solutions! Tag: Visual edit
     16:49 User creation log User account ResqDogz talk contribs was created ‎
N    12:12  Demux‎‎ 5 changes history +1,533 [Chrisb‎ (5×)]
12:12 (cur | prev) -82 Chrisb talk contribs
11:39 (cur | prev) +42 Chrisb talk contribs OCLP optional patch Tag: Visual edit
11:35 (cur | prev) -4 Chrisb talk contribs Tag: Visual edit: Switched
11:34 (cur | prev) -10 Chrisb talk contribs initial demux page. Tag: Visual edit: Switched
11:33 (cur | prev) +1,587 Chrisb talk contribs initial demux page. Tag: Visual edit

16 March 2023

 m   20:31  A1706/A1708 TConn Backlight Pinout (FlexGate) diffhist 0 Pedro147 talk contribs Rossmann typo - Louis hates that :)

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