to my fellow veiwers, i am so sorry and i SENCERLY applogize for my immaturre actions and i shoulkd have taken more time to reflect on my actions and thought what other people would have thought or said about it. I know saying sorry and removing the content is not enough, but i just have some words to say. It was very insesntive of me, and i would just like to deeply aplogize for everything and i know that this aplogy is not enough and it will not reedeem my coward ness but i want everyone to know that i am sorry and it will not happen again. I will reclect on my actions and do better. Not just for you guys, me as well, what i did opend my mind and made be a better person. NOT because i did it, because of the reslut of it. I did something bad and someone told me. and that is how i was able to be a better person. I cannot put into words on how sorry i am, but one day when i have chilrdem i will beinformed about this wrong doing so it doesnt happen in the family tree ever again. Agian, i am very sorry and it will not happen again.