Americans! A few things on how you’ve butchered the English language and how you can make yourself better. This is focused on cars and driving. Here’s the top 5 ways you’ve fucked OUR language that you STOLE, and how to use it properly.

1, Gas ❌ petrol ✅

It’s not a gas is it? It’s a liquid. A liquid that the rest of the word calls petroleum or petrol for short. By connection, gas station✖️ = petrol station☑️ and gas pedal✖️ = accelerator☑️

2, Hood❌ bonnet ✅

Hood; a covering for the head and neck with an opening for the face, typically forming part of a coat or cloak✖️

Bonnet; the hinged metal canopy covering the engine of a motor vehicle.☑️

3, trunk ❌ boot✅

Just no. And dont even get me started on “frunk” that word is so mind numbingly stupid every time one of you yanks say it a puppy dies.

4, semi truck ❌ articulated lorry ✅

Semi = half. It’s not half a lorry is? 🙄 it is however articulated between the tractor unit and the trailer.
And lorry comes from the old English “Lurry” meaning to drag. Like it drags the trailer behind. Truck comes from your inability to comprehend words with multiple syllables.

5, freeway❌ motorway✅

Especially in the US there not free to use are they. Ether by taxation or tolls your paying to use it so it’s free is it? It is however where you would use a motor vehicle so motorway.

There are many many more example of how you’ve desecrated a beautiful language, but I don’t have all day to explain them. I’ve got to go meet the queen for tea and crumpets.