Hi friends,

First post on here, so let me take a quick minute to introduce myself.

My name is Sean and I am a proud Capitalist from Toronto, Ontario.

Right now, in the world, I am absolutely disgusted with what’s going on in the world, especially in America, as I think it’s a ploy for communism to become worldwide.

In Canada, where I live, we already have a Prime Minister who is so cowardly, he already sold our National Security and our Gold Reserves to Communist China. And it’s happening in every single corner of the Westernized world. Ushering in a new age of evil.

I know I may sound like a Crackpot to you but when you hear things like “defund the police” or “give us free college, free healthcare, free money or we burn all the businesses,” you start to get really worried. And then you go deeper down the Rabbit Hole and you find out that this is going to happen sooner than you think.

We need to fight for Freedom & Capitalism because while it may be imperfect, it’s 1000x times better than the evils of socialism & communism. We can’t let China win!

That’s why I’m starting the resistance. Where we can chat with each other on a personal level & depend on each other when shit hits the fan, we’re all we got.

If you’re with me and you want to join “the resistance”, upvote this and send me a PM.

We’ll be in touch.