what counts as breakfast food? technically you can eat anything for breakfast and it will count as breakfast food. but if we are being strict and only naming food which is usually eaten at breakfast time, then we have much fewer options. by this assumption the breakfast food i enjoy would be waffles. the pros of waffles are that they are very easy to make. if you have eggos, you just have to put them in a toaster oven for around 4 minutes and they come out perfect. if you do not have eggos, just mix up some batter and pour it in a waffle maker. they also go with almost anything, so you can put maple syrup, fruits, chocolate chips, and many more things on it. the appeal of the waffle is that it is a base breakfast food that can be garnished or eaten with many things, and each will be a different experience. some of the cons of waffles are that they vary in size, so if you are a person who does not like to eat much for breakfast, making only one whole waffle may seem like a large amount. the counterpoint to that is that you can eat half or even a quarter of the waffle instead of the whole thing, and save the rest as leftovers to eat later. another con of waffles is that they get soggy from syrup very easily. if you leave the syrup on too long, the waffle will begin to have a texture akin to a wet sponge that falls apart. i often find myself having trouble with the texture of these soggy waffles, and the syrup somehow tastes sweeter when the waffles are soggy. the combination of the extremely sweet syrup and the extremely soggy waffle is not a good combination. all in all, the pros of waffles definitely outweigh the cons of waffles. there is just so much variety and choice you have in making the waffles taste exactly how you want them to.