Day 1638: I’m starving.. my neighbors caught me rummaging in their garden again and called the cops. I’ll be arrested if I’m caught on their property again. The soup kitchen is too far for me to walk now.. I’ll only pass out on the street. Begging for food at the intersection no longer works, because somehow the locals have found out that I’m rich. These stacks of cash won’t help me find food, the only thing I will spend money on is my precious black sweatpants. At this point my mountain of black sweatpants works somewhat decently as shelter, unless it rains continuously for half a day and the water soaks through my black sweatpants fort. It’s been very cold out lately and I’m up to wearing 10 layers of black sweatpants. I’ve had to concede that my upper body also needs covering too, I’ve been fashioning shirts with my black sweatpants by cutting a hole in the crotch to put my head through. A few layers of these and I’m starting to feel a little warmer, but the cold winter air still stings my exposed midriff. Surviving would be much easier if this town had better public transportation, but for now I’ll have to continue walking everywhere barefooted. All of this suffering is worth it to have more and more black sweatpants.