The “who asked” or “I didn’t ask” meme is pretty flawed and shows just how dull-witted people have become just for the sake of trying to act ludicrous so that another person reacts to their amusing action as funny. A comedic statement remains comedic as long as its not over-used. If it is done so then either it becomes a cliche or it becomes cringy and annoying. If anybody verbally expresses their thoughts, or says a imperative statement, it means that they want their opinions and thoughts to be recognized by other members of a community. They do not do so if somebody asks or does not.
For Instance,
**Person A**: I had a great day today.
**Retard B**: Who asked?
In this situation person didn’t describe his past 24 hours just because a third party interrogated about it. Person A said so because he wanted to say so anyway. This is something which was very obvious and was never stated however, due to the overuse of the “Who asked” meme I would like society to regain its senses and understand the difference between being chucklesome from being annoying.