Well, I’m almost giving up on this site, this site with bad judges in these contests, I make a skin with a shading far superior to other skins I’ve done here, for example Titan Beetle, a skin I made, I used Noise Shading , my first of all when entering a contest, and what do I get? 37° place and among the finalists, a skin so weak from that one, and I got this rating, and then we have Kskragreenious, another skin that I used Noise Shading too, but with better details, I get 22°, and then there’s Nodd , this I don’t know if I can say if it is superior to all the others, since from Players Skins, it is my highest rating, in 13°, here comes Fat Yoshi, the other skin that should also be in the finalists, but no, they prefer to put a skin that is just a few lines, just 2 colors, black and white, and this skin received 50°, obviously, if I received something higher than that, I would really be angrier even though I stayed in that one another topic, but do you think that a skin, without any effort, gets into the finalists? And mine, with enough effort to win that skin easily? Yes, they had the courage to put that rotten skin for the finalists, after that, I made Baby Quetzalcóatl, this skin, I assume, is a skin without Noise Shading, but it’s not that good either, I got 23° in it.

And now a warning, if by chance I miss a classification here, know that I will not be looking for from contest to contest, since my frustration with this site grows every day, so that’s it, these are the players skins from the past, before that there was some construction contests, but that’s beside the point, and my Bogorkstynesaryood, a Hoglin skin that made me take 5° in a contest, but it doesn’t matter either.

Now it’s time for Gorken, my skin, this current one contest called Spellbound Garden, the Shading of this skin was based on some DragonsDungeon and VinylReplica skins, without any copy of details, I just copied the style of the 2, mixed with a certain style of mine, and what do I get? “PARTICIPANT” AND NOT FINALIST, several skins there, especially some extremely generic Shading girls, especially the first ones on the list of finalists, one example of which is the Mushroom Forest Marma, now you will tell me, how a skin like this is worse than my Gorken skin? How does this skin have a better Shading than mine? TELL ME, OR WILL INVENT SOME EXCUSE LIKE BEFORE, SAYING THAT THEY ARE “OPINIONS OF THE JUDGES”.

And that’s not all, these skins still go to Trending, which is the worst, they get high ratings in Trending, usually when it is of a famous person with about 300 subscribers, that’s easy isn’t it? If the famous make a skin all black, without any detail, just put it in New Skin, post it black without details, putting any name, breaking any rules of this site, the person will be fine on the site, without any ban, without nothing, and the black skin will be there in Trending, just because he is “famous”, meanwhile, in this website has a lot of duplicate skins, copied from other places, that are there on the site, without being deleted, I realized that nobody moderates on this site, if someone posts pornographic skin, it will continue on the site, the way you are going, with the judges who are having on this site, and with your null moderation, it is normal for a skin that had an effort, for y’all, being worse than a generic skin from this contest.

After not having a finalist in the Memes contest, where the first place was a Here Come Dat Boi, that skin with very weak Shading, for me, the best of that contest, was from Fishkiss, and now Gorken, I just won’t be the same anymore in this site, don’t even want me to be friendly with anyone, because if I wasn’t already friends with anyone here, it is now that I won’t even have ANY FRIENDSHIP, all my subscriptions in other members will disappear after this post, and you, who already liked some skin of mine, not even with you I will be friendly, my patience is running out on this site, and I predict that it will happen again.

And for those who thought it was disrespectful, know that, I don’t care what you say, I know you’re going to make excuses, but that’s it, I just want to see what y’all have to say.