Even the word PIE is kind of ugly looking (looks like DIE…or Poe, the spooky poet dude), and ugly sounding. ‘Pie’ is the sound you make when someone drops a bowling ball on your stomach while you nap. It’s a PIE. Mud PIE. Cow PIE. Gross stuff.

Cake, on the other hand is cute and peppy, and they look super cute and can do amazing things because fosteringfrosting is basically a soft concrete you can mold into any shape you want. CAKE! Say it out loud. People will get excited. Cake?! Where?

People get excited for pies….but it’s a sneaky excitement….because you have to let them cool on the window sill and show off to all your neighbors that you got pie and they don’t and that makes them jealous and want to steal it. Pies are a sneaky delight. You have to tip toe around them, and your not supposed to look at them too hard, otherwise if it goes missing you’ll be blamed.

Anyway, those are my 2 cents on pies and cakes and I think Pies should be pies and embrace their ugliness, rather than be something they are not. It’s terrible for their self-esteem.