Why is everyone ignoring me? I want to kill myself, no one is talking to me, help someone please help. I identify as a CIS-NON-BINARY TRANS PERSON, so using acronyms of male or female around me is not allowed, I do not tolerate the words “how are you” “what do you mean” “guy” “girl” or anything questioning. I am looking for a relationship with a Caucasian female, I do not support feminism and think it’s fucking disgusting, nor do I like any sort of “trumpy” or religious people. I find Jesus Christ getting nailed to a cross hilarious and I honestly don’t believe he existed. God created all evil, and Jesus wasn’t his son, he was false just like god, churches are annoying to look at cause it just seems like a waste of time worshiping something, he never even resurrected let alone live. I mean he can’t be born without actually a man existing so it’s all fake. Moses wasn’t even hebrew, and Jesus wasn’t killed, just annoying talk from ignorant cathos. I mean caucasian people are pathetic, they’re all racist by DNA and absolutely disrespectful to the LGBT. I just think religion is a waste of time if not some sort of government thing. Anyhow, when you commit to relationship with me, if you are late even once I instantly block you, you have to put in the effort to type to me and I am allowed to lie whenever I want. “Hate the sin, but love the sinner.” Heterosexuality should be removed as an entirety, I mean it’s a disgrace to the human race. Hopefully you inbreds get burned to a fucking cross. I have a eating disorder, I cut frequently, I do wrist reveals on Mondays, I am an accomplished proud fursuiter, which basically means like dressing up in animal costumes you know? I have bipolar, personality disorder, schizophrenia, DID, I think any woman who rejects me should get shot in the back of the head with a pistol, and have gasoline poured on her and burn her to death. I am pro Black Lives Matter to and believe that burning down buildings can get us what we need, is a good voice, and the only way to protest, we aren’t listened to no other way, I am a caucasian person though but I still hate my own kind, they’re narcisistic, disgusting, egotistical and sadistic. Anyways. I am looking for a female to live with a support me free of charge, provide me money, and also stick stuff in me like d\*ldos and stuff. And we can burn bibles together you know.