Interesting info.

Sounds like you are having a good Saturday night. Diving into the depths of the internet seeking out random information that has struck your interest. One source leads to another until you have a litany if tabs open, everything from reputable scientific journals to obscure blog posts authored by self proclaimed experts. While combing through the tabs another piece of information will of course pique your interest, leading to a deeper dive, generally starting with Wikipedia, perhaps on a whole new page, preserving your initial topic in its own tab riddled window and branching out from there.

Not sure how close I am but I know this is my late night internet activity pattern. This can run deep into the night, starting with a topic as random as the different species of kangaroo in Australia and ending with something as unrelated as the lives of impoverished minorities in Napoleonic France.

Bless the internet. Hope you are having a nice evening sir, thanks again for the ram facts.