My dude you are literally everywhere. I started noticing you after idraw2 or whomever drew your username a little while back. I was about to give you flak earlier today about you commenting on so many top level r/all comments, but then saw that you submit enough to get a pass for that I think.

Either way. 1mil comment karma? 5 months? No-one reddits that well that quickly. This has gotta be smurfing for someone who has been around the block. Who are you really? gallowboob? ibleedorange? You’re not unidan are you!? /jk brotha…sorta

*Edit: He had jokingly replied that he is a karmanaut alt, but that seems to be deleted now. So the plot thickens.*

edit 2: I’m mostly just joking. I don’t think he’s smurfing. The comment on the top comment on rising posts strat is well established. But seriously I can’t escape him over the last month or two.