AMA. I (18M) rescued 510 children, fixed world hunger, cured racism. I went on a trip to all 3rd world countries during this awful pandemic, vaccinated, fully dressed to protect myself and the others with a hazmat suit. I bought approximately 2300 street dogs on the way to the children hospital to donate half a million dollars (All charity by my name). To start from the world hunger issue, as you lovely people know famine isn’t it’s only cause but the hard truth of inaccessibility in the wake of poverty. I spent hours, without skipping work, not forgetting to spend time with my children, I figured strategies whilst donating everyday to the the crisis text lines, cancer research institutes, global funding for women, all wildlife organizations, and “ETC”.
Today, as the only volunteer for Mozambique, I came home ready to drop, but of course, I decided to cook for my family but unexpectedly my wife (38F) came barging in telling me that I was an asshole.

TLDR: My wife called me an asshole.

Reddit am I the asshole?