So, its 3 am, I am just sitting down watching some filthy frank from the good old days, like you do and then something caught my eye. Jennette McCurdy was the actor for Sam in the show iCarly and I still kind of remember her, she wasn’t very funny now that I look back at it.

We were weird as kids, Dan Schneider had a weird foot fetish but every single child when they were like 5 or 6 looked at feet and said “haha funny” and we did that with alot of weird shit. I even did this experiment myself and I walked into a room filled with 6 year olds and said “fart penis” and the whole room was echoing with prepubescent laughter. I had became a comedian in less than 0.241 seconds by saying “fart penis” and it was truely a riveting experience.

Back on topic though, it took me as surprise when I saw that weird image of Jennette McCurdy. I curled up into a ball and starting shouting “What the fuck, what the actual fuck” as if I had an immediate heart attack and was sent to heaven. It was like looking at an extremely cursed image. What on gods green earth was I looking at. When you see that one actor you watched as a kid dress so innapropriate its just not ethical, it doesn’t feel right and its disturbing. I feel as if every little bit of my sanity has left my body because my corpse is on the ground, my soul has disentegrated and the last thing I saw was a NSFW image of Jennette McCurdy, what the actual fuck.

If I had a noose and a hook, I would definitely take that option. But this is life and life is nothing but eternal torment so it was clear to me that I had to go on living the rest of my life with that haunting image of Jennette McCurdy at the back of my mind. I have seen people getting their dicks cut off and vaginal mutilation, but nothing could shock and scare me more than an NSFW image of Jennette McCurdy.

This was a horrifying experience. Well, I am glad I got this out, back to masturbating to female furry porn, I guess.