Street shitting is the ultimate form of liberty and freedom a human being can enjoy. But don’t know why the rest of the world don’t seem to understand the philosophy behind it.

I used to get bullied by being called as “pajeet”, “street shitter” etc. Which I never did. Then last year when I went to the curryland, I literally took shit in an open field for the first time, just to see how it feels. It was an eye opening experience.

Imagine, you can’t just kill a guy if you see him gracefully balancing his ass so that the butt-hole does not touch the tip of his poop, especially, while you are doing the same feat in front of him.

There are other positive implications to it, I think India enjoys a better communal harmony despite her extreme diversity in language, culture and religion. Think about the war-torn countries in the middle east. It became possible just because of this shitting culture. When you see your enemy is taking a crap and farting in front of you, you can’t just kill him, immediately he becomes your shit-brother.

They also dig holes in the ground before taking the shit and bury them after the act, this also teaches an important lesson in life — “bury the past”, because all the shits in the world came from the foods eaten in the past.

A community shitting place also gives you a nice opportunity to socialize with your close-knit neighbourhood, people from all race, creed, gender and age come to the place and take shit, you will be able to talk to other people and exchange ideas while you take a dump. It’s not like the west where you don’t know the name of your neighbours, let alone how they squat and shit. Many creative ideas were born in the toilet, but no one in the world has the opportunity to share them immediately, but if you had a functional shitting beach like in the video, you will be able to think collaboratively. And if you can come up with a ground breaking idea you can share it immediately with your other shitting colleagues. You can also participate in the brainstorming shit-session, even if you are not there to poop, you can just squat and discuss. I think all the corporate meetings, political dialogues and the debates need to be performed in this kind of “open-a-shit” scenarios.

Moreover, India has a huge “rape” problem, if a lady squats, takes shit and farts in front of you, and if you see the gentle breeze from the sea swaying through her butt-hole, you can never dream of having sex with her, she is totally unfuckable at that point. So the ladies in the community should join, it will also open a new door towards the gender equality.