Are you implying im a loser because im from 4chan or that im a loser and from 4chan, i doubt there are more millionaires on reddit then on 4chan tbh example /biz/ and more fit people (/fit/), im not a /v/tard if that is what you are implying, in face i despise most video games and dont play but study for my bachelor in law, the question is who the fuck are you ? I told you that you where retarded enough to not see the irony in my post and then you just said im trolling now you are just calling me names without even knowing the context of what you are saying, the response “hur dur loser on the internet in his mom’s basement lmaoxd” is the type of shit spouted by unhappy underage children or obscenely depressed overweight adults in their mid 20s or early 30s. Apply yourself you dumb faggot