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--Chrisb (talk) 02:39, 2 February 2020 (UTC)

820-00165B dead, magsafe with no led on

PP3V42_G3H is 2,9volt instead 3,4 volt.

R7006 on PPBUS_G3H is burned. Value is 4,7ohm 1/8w

Replaced and back to life.

Buncha Spam added last night.

Oddly, I'm having fried spam right now. Delicious.

Yum! I'll be adding spam fighting measures and deleting the existing stuff ASAP.

Thanks! Thanks for the page, I forgot about it for a while and it ended up helping me with a couple of units yesterday alone. I'll make sure to contribute :) FINALLY DONE!

iMac 2009 LCD Thermal bypass

Hi, Can I just short the pins as was explained for the HDD thermal bypass? Here are the schematics. Understanding them is beyond my skill level. No pictures uploaded. Sorry. Tried three times.