When I first downloaded my singing monsters I would play before and after work and progress just fine, great game to kill time. I showed this game to my colleagues and family, and soon the people around me started enjoying the game with me. During dinner time with the family, we would all play my singing monsters and progress together. This became a fun bonding experience with me and my family, as I am rarely home due to work. This game gave me the much needed time to bond with my wife and kids. The monsters were fun, the breeding was anticipating, the progression was slow yet rewarding. All nice qualities, I found myself especially interested with the monsters, but more specifically the monster called ‘toe jammer’. The sound, the appearance of the monster was all very appealing to me. When people asked me what my favourite monster is I would without hesitation respond with ‘toe jammer’. He was by far my favourite, I liked the blue translucent colour of it, I liked the funny idea of the character. My wife bought me a toe jammer stuffed toy for my birthday this year, and I couldn’t of been more grateful.

Now, please spare your criticism on this next part. I’m scared to speak out about this and it’s very vulnerable for me. My wife hadn’t been home for over a week, she was out on a very extensive business trip. And I was without a doubt very sexually frustrated, it had been a while since me and my wife had shared an intimate moment with each other. And, shamefully I got off to my toe jammer stuffed toy she got for me. I don’t know why I did it, why I chose toe jammer to be the subject of my sexual frustration but I did. On nights where my wife wasn’t home it became habit to use my toe jammer stuffed toy as an outlet for my needs.

I spoke to my wife about wanting more intimate times with her, in which she obliged, she shared that she felt the same way. It was refreshing to know my feelings were reciprocated, on that night me and my wife spent the night together engaging in intercourse. However at times, I would imagine that my wife was actually toe jammer. I felt guilty for this obviously, it was a weird sexual fantasy that I just couldn’t get rid of. More and more nights we shared I just couldn’t stop imaging my wife as toe jammer. Something about that character captivated me so sexually, it’s so shameful. It really is, and it’s greatly embarrassing. One night when me and my wife were having sex I accidentally called her toe jammer, in which her response was shocked and confused. Followed by a very intense lunch conversation on the next day, I opened up about my sexual fantasies revolving toe jammer to my wife and she reassured me that she’s okay with it and understands. However, over the following weeks she began to act strange towards me. avoiding me whenever possible, avoiding eye contact, and denying opportunities for intimacy. I brought this up to her one night and she expressed to me that she’s struggling to find me attractive after I opened up about my fantasies.

It’s been a month since that conversation, we’re falling out and our kids are distressed. Toe jammer has ruined my love life and I don’t know what he’ll ruin next. I don’t know what to do and I’ve been greatly stressed out.