Ok, here me out. Let’s remember the famous slogan: “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!” Harmless enough right? Well we need to look at a historical and linguistic perspective to this. One of the world’s oldest fully developed languages is Latin, and many languages derive from it, right? English is one of those languages. In Latin, the word “Trix” is actually a suffix, meaning “female.” So knowing that English derives from Latin and that the word “trix” in Latin means female, the slogan now implies “Silly Rabbit, Women are for kids!” This might not make sense, until you consider the fact that women’s only purpose was to bear children, and raise them, while their husbands went out and did the important stuff. Looking at it from this lens, the slogan is really saying “Silly Rabbit, Women have no rights and only exist for the purpose of bearing children!” WAKE UP AMERICA THIS IS THE TOXIC MASCULINITY WE ARE FACING TODAY!!!