This might not be a question you have but I’ll answer it whether you want me to or not

There is an estimated 1.35 billion cubic kilometers of water in the oceans. The average whale ejaculates 1500 liters of cum each load. The average whale breeds once every two years and lives between 40-100 years. Currently there are around 1.3 million whales. A whale on average breeds 13- 43 times in their life. Only 10% of the whales cum makes it into the partner so each time around 1350 liters gets into the ocean. With 1.3 million whales breeding on average 28 times and 1350 liters getting into the ocean that’s 50 billion liters of cum! 0,0038% of the ocean is whale cum, per cubic mete(1000 liters) there is 3 liters of cum. Enjoy your next trip to the beach 🙂

some people saying they would swallow it

Average age in this sub is 16-17, average weight of a 16 year old is 53,5 kg, density of cum is around the same of water so 1500 liters is 1,5 tons. That’s 30 times your weight, the average human can drink 1 liter per hour so with no sleep and consistent drinking that’s more than two months for 1 load. If every human alive would drink 1 liter per hour consistently for 6,4 hours with no breaks we could drink the amount of cum one generation of whales produce in their lifetime. Due too excessive hunting there is way less whales than there were 100-200 years ago. So without hunting to drink all the cum of one generation that would be around 2 days of everyone drinking maximum amount possible with no breaks.