I want Doge to eat me so fucking bad. I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to crawl inside his mouth and have my body be mangled by his canine teeth before being pulled down his throat and digested. I can vividly picture myself being eaten away by acid, broken down into nutrients to fuel Doge’s crusade to reunite with his kids. What remains of my physical form will continue through Doge’s intestines, massaged by his powerful muscles before being forced out his sphincter as a log of shit. Last night I came all over myself thinking about it, and when I saw my semen in the morning it reminded me of my fantasy and I came again. Doge is my God now; I want nothing more than to be masticated by his beautiful teeth and die with the knowledge that I have reached the greatest possible level of accomplishment any mere man can hope for.

Thank you for reading my mod application.