Wassup y’all, this shit been so wild , I’ll try and tell y’all what happened without writing a whole ass essay

Basically since my last post my teacher made a post on [r/amitheasshole](https://www.reddit.com/r/amitheasshole/) and y’all found out that it’s my teacher and tagged me in her posts. She also found my Reddit profile bc of that

She pm’d me on Reddit and we talked for a lil and arranged to meet in a Starbucks the next day to talk about the whole thing properly

We met up and just talked about it and she said she really wants to let me back in bc she doesn’t know if she can live with herself knowing she fucked up my future but she don’t want me to snitch on her about her reddit post on AITA bc she pretty much admits that she fucked up and did it on purpose, so if I use it against her she could lose her job

I realised I got the leverage so I said idk I’ll think bout it and then she offered me $500 and said she’ll literally do anything so I don’t snitch. So I said no to the $500 and asked her to give me some top instead and I’ll keep my mouth shut. After a few mins of her thinking bout it she said yes

I took her to my car and holy shit, it was the best head I’ve ever gotten, she a whole freak bruh, On some like teanna trumpf type shit, gagging and chocking on my shit, spit everywhere. It was so fkn good dawg. I busted in like less than 2 mins. She said I cant tell anyone bout this and I can’t snitch on her now about her posts n shit

So the next day she went to the administration and long story short they gonna let me in thru the appeal process and it’ll take like a week or two but ima be going back to college now

I’m probs gonna transfer to another college after this year tho bc the other college known for having lit ass parties and bad bitches and tbh idrc bout college that much anymore, I only went for the bitches if ima be real with u

Just wanna thank y’all that gave me advice and told me bout the aita post. Got this L turned into a big W

Tldr; met up with my teacher who got me kicked out, got head, and got back into college