I genuinely believe this game has given me some form of brain damage. I am desperately trying to stop making Among Us jokes, but I can’t shake the fucking habit. It’s like a heroin addiction but if someone offered you a hit every time you looked at Twitter. The words “impostor”, “sus(picious)”, “among us”, “crewmate”, “task”, etc. have become taboos for me. If I see a cylindrical shape with a smaller oval on it I get flashbacks. I compulsively blurt “AMONG US” in my best Clear impression when I think nobody is looking. I can’t even tell what layer of fucking irony I’m on anymore. This can’t just be a pattern-seeking brain thing, something is seriously wrong. The game is fun, but if I had any idea what unholy havoc it would wreak upon my brain, I would have travelled to Innersloth myself and begged them not to make it.